Resources to help you better protect your organisation from potential risks.
Resource to protect against risks.


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    Facility Hire Checklist

    Our Facility Hire Checklist asks important questions that can help you assess and improve your risk controls. Clarify what your organisation is and isn't doing and understand which systems should be implemented.

    Property & Assets
    Hall Hire Checklist
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    Hot Work and Fire Impairment in Aged Care

    By understanding the hazards associated with carrying out hot work and applying some simple strategies, you can effectively manage risks to ensure the safety of your facility and people

    Workplace Health & Safety
    Hot Work and Fire Impairment in Aged Care image
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    Pool Facility Management for Schools Fact Sheet

    Our Pool Facility Management Fact Sheet can help you keep your facilities safe. Learn about carrying out regular inspections, identifying risks, and responsibilities.

    School Safety
    Pool Facility
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    Facility Hire Fact Sheet

    Our Facility Hire Fact Sheet can help you assess and control hazards at your facilities, and consequentially, reduce the risk of injuries and legal claims against your organisation.

    Property & Assets
    Hall Hire Fact Sheet
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    Social Outings and Activities in Aged Care

    Our Social Outings and Actvities in Aged Care Hazard will help you identify this hazard in your workplace, understand your obligations and reduce the risk.

    Workplace Health & Safety
    Social Outings and Activities in Aged Care
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    Sample Hire Agreement Template

    Our sample agreement provides a template for creating your own document. Whether you're hiring out your facilities to an organisation or for a private function, getting an agreement signed helps protect you in the event of a dispute.

    Property & Assets
    Sample Hire Agreement Template
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