Resources to help you better protect your organisation from potential risks.
Resource to protect against risks.


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    Concussion Fact Sheet

    A school resource to increase awareness of the signs and symptoms of a potential concussion incident and know the steps to manage it.

    School Safety
    Concussion Factsheet
  2. 2.

    Glass Safety Checklist

    Our Glass Safety Checklist asks important questions that can help you assess and improve your risk controls. Clarify what your organisation is and isn't doing, understand which controls should be implemented, and understand your responsibilities.

    Property & Assets
    Glass Safety Checklist
  3. 3.

    Introduction to Risk Management For School Camps & Excursions

    Our School Camps & Excursions Guide can help. It outlines key requirements and obligations including duty of care and explains the basic policies and procedures required to effectively manage risk. There's also a helpful guide to common risk areas and information on specific requirements for managing adventure activities, aquatic environments and overseas travel.

    School Safety
    Introduction to Risk Management For School Camps Excursions
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    Sample Concussion Protocol for Schools

    A resource to aid in the effective identification, response and post-management of a concussion incident.

    School Safety
    Concussion Protocol
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    School Incursions Fact Sheet

    If you're planning an incursion, whether it's a visit from a wildlife expert or a sleepover in the school gym, you need to understand and manage the risks. This applies even if the activity is run by an external provider with their own risk management plans in place.​

    School Safety
    School Incursions Fact Sheet
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    Post Concussion Watchlist

    A school resource for monitoring an injured person’s return to learn and play

    School Safety
    After Concussion
  7. 7.

    Concussion Incident Report Form

    A resource for recording information in the event of a potential concussion incident.

    School Safety
    Incident Report
  8. 8.

    Learn to Swim Safety for Schools Fact Sheet

    Swimming is an important part of the school curriculum but it's also a high-risk activity.

    School Safety
    Learn to Swim Fact Sheet
  9. 9.

    Infection Control Fact Sheet

    Needless to say, our Infection Control Fact Sheet is worth a read. Find out what you can do to reduce the spread of infections in your organisation.

    Workplace Health & Safety
    Infection Control Fact Sheet
  10. 10.

    Safe Sport & Physical Education for Schools Fact Sheet

    Sport and physical education are a valuable part of school life but the risk of injury is high. Beyond the physical risks of injury and trauma a serious incident could damage a school’s reputation and result in substantial penalties or litigation.

    School Safety
    Safe Sport & Physical Education
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